Posted by | June 02, 2015

Book-03 Running-01 IMG_9274DriftAwayEdit This first edition self-published book “And We’ll Drift Away,” features a collection of Hebru’s most notable character-based pieces, along with never-before-seen sketches directly from the artist’s sketchbook. In this, Hebru tells his personal story through some of his favorite characters including Flyboy, the New Mythos and Yesterday’s Losers.

The book itself is 12 x 12″ and features an embossed hardcover, as well as a variety of full page artwork. It will be available for purchase on the Hebru Brand Store in a several package options including: signed copies with a sketch done by Hebru, a limited edition artist proof print, and a poster.

Book Packages:

#1- Signed book, hand sketch, artist proof print, poster

#2- Signed book, print, poster

#3- Signed book, print

#4- Book, poster

#5- Book